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Denplan Home and abroad

If you need facts that private dental cover at 151 Dental is affordable.
Check out our 
DenPlan Worldwide Emergency cover, for an incredible 15p a week.
(You have the option of opting out).  This is unbelievably fantastic value for our patients.

An emergency can happen at any time.  We understand this and provide you with peace of mind that you have cover anytime, worldwide and at home in the UK.
No waiting for an emergency NHS appointment more, or having to pay extortionate emergency dental fees abroad.  This cover is for emergencies day and night.
Oral cancer treatment is included in this cover. 

A minimum 60 days registration is required to qualify for Emergency Treatment.
Please register early. Places are limited. 

Emergency Cover Home

Emergency Cover Home Do you need guidance on what to do in an emergency ? You can call our 24/7 Emergency Helpline team on 0800 844 999. They’re there to support you whenever you need it, providing advice on the best course of action. I'm within 40 miles of 151 Dental & Aesthetics Call 151 Dental . Out of hours, we will have an answer phone message with a number for you to ring.  Call our Denplan Emergency Helpline on 0800 844 999 if you're unable to get hold of your practice. The Denplan helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I'm in the UK, but more than 40 miles 151 Dental & Aesthetics. 151 Patients have the Denplan Supplementary Insurance as part of your policy. If need help locating a dentist, phone the Denplan Emergency Helpline on 0800 844 999 who will help to find an appointment. Alternatively, if you have the insurance and have arranged your own appointment, keep the receipt and send in a claim form to Denplan for reimbursement up to policy limits.

Exotic Holiday

Emergency Cover Abroad

I’m abroad If you're out of the country, you can visit any dentist in an emergency.  Even when you're abroad, The Denplan Team are on hand to help. Call +44 1962 844 999 when outside of the United Kingdom. They’ll be able to tell you what kind of treatment you’re covered for, along with any advice on next steps. Through Denplan, you're covered for temporary emergency treatment. With 151 Dental; you have Denplan Supplementary Insurance as part of your policy. If you do need help or advice, ring our 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Helpline on +44 1962 844 999. The amount you can claim back is determined by your policy limit. Be sure to keep the receipt for your treatment. Required for when you claim on your return.

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