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Denplan Registrations 

Note : register early as places are limited.
A minimum 60 days registration is required 
before qualifying for a checkup.
scroll down for plan details 

I can't afford Private Treatment

Surprisingly, plans are only a few pounds a week.
So you can afford Denplan.

Adults start from £4.50 a week.

151 Dental considered affordability for their long-standing patients when they designed these plans. These plans are affordable for everyone. With additional advantages that only private treatment can bring including discounts for families. 

 No NHS ques or long waiting lists.
Emergency cover home and abroad

Dental plans are created by your dentist, to suit your needs. Plans are designed to spread the cost of treatments, and to make looking after dental health easy and affordable.
Note : register early as places are limited.
A minimum 60 days registration is required 
before qualifying for a checkup.
Click on the green button above to download the Denplan Registration.
Once completed click on the grey button to email the Denplan Registration to the team  @ 151 Dental.
A member of the Team will call to take payment details.
OR call in to see us, we will be happy to answer any questions and reserve your registration place.

What Is Denplan ?

Denplan helps you to budget for your dental care with confidence - without worrying about unexpected bills.  You can spread the cost of your preventive dental care for better oral health.

Plan details and Costs at 151 Dental

For a small weekly amount, You will benefit from the Dental expertise, Clinical knowledge and exceptional care provided by Dr. Uzma Rajah. Adults are only £4.50 a week. The 151 plan includes ; Two Check-ups with Dr.Uzma Rajah Two Hygienist appointments Routine X-rays are included. Oral cancer cover One Emergency Check-up is included. This also includes uk wide 24 hr. Emergency treatment. Temporary emergency world-wide cover. 10% discount if further treatment required. PLUS further discounts Dr. Uzma Rajah has over two decades of clinical experience. A specialist in patients with dental phobia, anxious and fearful patients. Dr. Uzma Rajah regularly refers patients with suspected oral cancer, as part of their normal clinical check-up.


Children are only £1.90 a week. A further 10% Discount on any further treatment required. Family Discount is further 15% and you have the option for Worldwide cover.  ​ For patients requiring more intensive or frequent treatment, we have provided discounted alternative plans.

If you should choose not to register with Denplan. 

You will be able to see Dr. Rajah on a pay as you go basis, subject to appointment availability and private consultation fee

An estimated guide to costs is


Basic Check-up £37.50 (no additional treatment)

Hygiene Appointment start at £45

Scaling/cleaning £59.00 (per visit)

Filling cost £65.00  (per filling)

Root canal treatment £250.00 

Crown Cost £450.00  (per crown)

Dentures £550.00  (per denture)

Private Treatment 

Cancer Referral

Every month Dr. Uzma Rajah refers patients with suspected oral cancer. These are normal patients booked in for a regular clinic check-up. Regualr check-ups are imperative for early detection,of cancer, Dental issues and other oral problems.

No.1 Type of cancer 

Mouth cancer is the most common type of head and neck cancer. *1 There are more than 30 areas within the head and neck where cancer can develop. This includes: mouth and lips; larynx; throat; salivary glands; nose and sinuses. Head and neck cancer rates in our area, are significantly above the English average, with rates higher than the rest of the country. Cumbria and Greater Manchester experience a significant impact at 25% and 20% above average, while Lancashire tracks 19% above the rest of England’s average. Oral cancer is 8th most common cancer in the country. * Over the last decade, head and neck cancer rates have increased 25%.

90% Survival with Early Detection

If dentists and doctors can detect oral cancers early on there is roughly a 90 per cent survival * There is an increasing incidence of oral cavity cancers in the North West of England. Dentists teams have a crucial role to play in ensuring mouth cancers are spotted early and patients are informed about the risks at the first instance.

Doctor and Patient

Denplan Check up for Cancer

Why Do I Need Denplan ?

5 Benefits of Denplan

1.Denplan-certified dentists. 2.. The convenience of choosing a local dentist 3. Oral health advice - providing guidance on how to prevent dental problems 4. Set payments - split by month, allowing you a clear view on your private dental care costs  5. Regular check-ups - checks for oral cancer and gum disease.

5 Point Denplan Checkup

1. Examination for caries (tooth decay) Offers oral health advice, tailored to you 2. Checks your jaw joints Looks at your occlusion (bite) 3. Assesses you for infections, including your tongue and gums 4. Records measurements of your gums to assess for gum disease. 5. Checks you for oral cancer by feeling for lumps in the jaw, neck and throat

5 Reasons to Choose Denplan

1. For more than three decades, Denplan has offered dentists the perfect way to help patients afford top-quality dental care. 2. Supporting a preventive approach to private dental care, 3. Denplan payment plans help our patients to stop dental problems before they start. 4. The very best oral health advice, up-to-date dental knowledge and the latest innovative techniques, 5. Our approved dentists and their practice teams work with our patients so that they can enjoy healthy teeth and gums for life.

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