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Are you Worried, Fearful,
about going to the dentist?

Want to have a comfortable and relaxing dental treatment with the support of a professional anxiety specialist who understands your needs?

Over half the population (53%), suffers from some form of dental phoba, or fear of dental treatment.

Fears Vs Phobias Fears and phobias are often confused. Hardly surprising – the two are closely linked and share much in common.

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We understand how stressful going to the dentist can be. Here at 151 Dental,  our team are experts in treating anxious and fearful patients. 


Our staff have over two decades of experience, in providing a gentle approach to treatments. 


Sedation may be used to help patients relax prior to treatment. 


We guarantee to alleviate your concerns. We are always happy to chat with you, whether you come in, call, or text. 


A Word About Us 

Friendly and Professional Practice


Rated 5 stars out of 5

by Mr Ben Ell - Posted on 11 January 2023

This is a brilliant practice. I've needed what has felt like some serious dental work over the past few years and the 151 dental team have always been incredibly professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and kind when I've been terrified! Also it's great that they are always trying to keep costs down for patients with no unnecessary work done. I would definitely recommend signing up with them.

Visited January 2023

Great first filling experience for my daughter


Rated 5 stars out of 5

 Posted on 24 January 2023

The dentist understood that it is new experience and started all profesionally and with care, explaining everything that will happen to my 6yo in simple words. It worked really well, as my daughter is really curious and it helped her overcome anxiety due to the new thing happening to her. Everything went well and smoothly.


Visited January 2023

Friendly and Supportive Practice


Rated 5 stars out of 5

Gavin Cottrell

Fearful, traumatised and embarrassed, I recently broke a tooth and needed to visit a dentist after a 19 year hiatus - an awful experience in childhood left me phobic.
From the first contact through to the last, the combined efforts of Uzma and Kim reassured, comforted and emboldened me with a gentle and confident service I’ve never experienced from medical staff before. Uzma has mastered the capacity to conduct what are ostensibly brutal dental procedures such as extraction while talking you through every part of the process with a gentle reassurance and softness of voice that you can feel bringing your heart rate down and nerves dissipating into thin dental hygiene smelling air. Meanwhile, her co-star Kim efficiently and intuitively goes about her work in a fashion akin to the seemingly telepathic attackers of a football team; De Bruyne and Foden or Scholes and Van Nistelrooy perhaps.

I required a number of procedures but aptly left with a smile each time.

I highly recommend 151 Dental.

Visited January 2023

Lisa Heaney


Rated 5 stars out of 5


The hands-down best dental surgery I've ever been to. I am phobic of dental treatment and had avoided the dentist for a while as I have panic attacks. I have tried repeatedly to explain my involuntary behaviour to dentists in the past. They told me I was overreacting and they are good with nervous patients, only to behave shocked and annoyed when I have the panic attack I just warned them about.


Every member of staff here went above and beyond to help me and I have been able to have regular visits and descaling/polishing, and now have had the fillings I needed done. I am so grateful to all of the employees  of 151 dental.

Visited 2022

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